This is Unusual

11 Sep

I got paid!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

How Much Did I Make In July?

3 Aug

My freelance earnings from the month of July were around $2500. Isn’t it funny that no matter how much you make sometimes it does not seem like enough? Our son starts preschool in a few weeks, so that is going to scrunch our budget together even more. It really will be time to say goodbye to DirecTV.

How were your goals in July? Did you meet them?

Today as I was doing some marketing I came across a post Miranda did from WAHADVENTURES. She highlights some others who have also shared their income. Very cool and you do not want to miss it. Also, a fellow work at home mom had a lot of success and she is a force to be reckoned with. Check out her July Income Stats.

If you would like to learn more about what I do, then please feel free to visit


15 Things I Want to Tell My Boys Before I Die

9 Jul


If I died today, please know that I love you and each day I woke up wanting to make your life as beautiful as possible.

When I yell, it’s because I don’t want you to get hurt or to feel any type of physical pain.

When you see a tear roll down my face, I’m not sad, I am so thrilled to be your mommy and see how beautifully made you are.

I do not buy you the biggest and most expensive things because I want you to appreciate the small things in life. I love seeing you get excited about a frying pan and spatula from the dollar store.

As soon as it gets really quiet in the house, I sit there and bask in the quietness and then I jump up quickly to go see what mess you are into.

I love when Benjamin looks at Isaac and just says “I love you.” It’s also beautiful to see you two play together. To see little Isaac running around with his big brother is just heartwarming.

If I could have one wish for you in this world it would be that you never have to feel pain. I would take your place at any given moment in any given time.

I wish you boys would sit still for two minutes to let me read you a book. Good thing you have your fathers book smarts.

Your mommy and daddy fought hard to be together, so that your family can always be whole. We have two very special people to thank for that.

Life’s too short. I look at my boys and I cannot believe how fast you have grown. Although life is fast, I never forget to tassel your hair or kiss you on your soft baby cheeks.

I can’t help but laugh when you, Benjamin, tell me that I have an “act-ittude.” Your words and way of perceiving life are just too cute and funny.

I have overcome a lot, but only through God was I able to. Always give Him the glory and remain humble as you progress through life.

I can’t wait to meet your future wives and hold my future grandchildren.

The day you hug me as a man and tell me you love me, I know that all of these days will be worth it.

I want to see you grow up and get the wisdom your father has. He is a sweet and caring soul that loves your mother more than anything.

If I died today, please know I loved you. I would die for you.


Dear Client: What can I offer you?

4 Jul

What I can offer you…

There are probably around 1 million writers in the world and I am just a small percentage of that 1 million. Honestly, I have no clue how many writers there are, but I do know what I am and what I am capable of doing. This is my 18 month of actual freelance writing, but I have been on the scene of writing much longer. What started out as a way for me to stay home with my children has turned into a lifelong career!  I am so thrilled to give you several reasons as to why you should choose me as your writer.

Full Time Writer

I do this full time. That means I work from the comfort of my own home and I am dedicated to my clients. Most of my clients I have been working with for close to one year. I build long term relationships with my clients and they trust me with what I have to offer them.

I am the writer.

A lot of times when you are looking for a writer, you get someone that says “I have a team full of writers…” That bothers me because when you hire a writer, you want to know that they are doing the work. Most of my clients will tell you straight to your face that is what bothers them most about writers. I aim to please my clients and that will always be my number one goal. Of course, I know that I can’t please everyone I work with and for!


I started out writing for a few websites, but now I have my own business. Everything that I have learned has been from experience and not from some class. I have a degree, but writing well comes from experience and pounding of the keyboard. I will never agree that a degree trumps experience. I have both and I think that makes me an even better writer.

Positive Outlook

I believe in God and that he has a plan for my life. My outlook on life is not meek and I consider myself a very strong person. I’m not perfect by any means, but I am positive. I’m a family person and my family will always be the light of my life. They are the reason I am so motivated to be the best writer I can be.

So, if you like what you read then maybe I am the writer for you. A lot of people ask me what I am good at but the reality is that I have done it all. If I have not done it, then I am always willing to learn and branch out.

Feel free to browse around my site, get to know me and contact me if I can be of any help to you.


Feast or Famine–Give it to me straight

3 Jul

Warning: Notice my blog says a “little bit of everything?” This is not your average work at home blog. Image Image Credit

Every freelancer goes through it. It’s called the feast or famine spell. I absolutely hate it and I know it’s partially because of the holiday, but anyways I wanted to share a little of what’s going on in my freelance life and some of the situations I have encountered over the last few months.


a. A large, elaborately prepared meal, usually for many persons and often accompanied by entertainment; a banquet.

b. A meal that is well prepared and abundantly enjoyed.

-I would have to agree completely with this statement. While a freelancer is feasting, she is happy and content and nothing in the world can stop her. It’s a very rewarding time and something that every freelancer wants on his or her plate.


 A drastic, wide-reaching food shortage.

A drastic shortage; a dearth.

Severe hunger; starvation.

–This is how I feel right now. The inner writer in me is suffering.

Relationships End

I have been working with Client A for almost seven months. It was wonderful at the beginning and I really enjoyed working with her. She had about 3 writers when I first started and just kept adding and adding to her pile. I always got paid a certain amount per word, the whole time I was with her.

Well, overtime she kept asking us to do more and more for the same pay. So instead of just writing the articles we were also putting them into WordPress, still for the same pay. At the end of the week, we also had to create an invoice for her which had links to all the blog posts on them. All this added work caused me to spend twice as much time on her projects.

Well, all of the sudden her work just stopped and we were left with nothing. So, basically it was time to move on–

What have I learned from this?

Relationships come and go in the freelance world. The way I was treated is pretty common. Just remember that the nicest client can turn his or her back in the blink of an eye.

You are just a number to most of them, which saddens me because I spent a lot of time getting to know this specific client. I learned a lot from this relationship and I hope to apply it to future business relationships.


Here is to July and getting past this feast or famine.


How Much Money Did I Earn in June?

30 Jun

Total Earnings for June?


This was my total amount for writing, social media and virtual assisting.

100% of this came from private clients from my business Jess Lee Writing Studio.

This week…

One client stopped needing work abruptly.

I picked up one client.

So, hopefully next week it will all balance out?

eBook Done!

30 Jun

I am very excited to announce that the first draft of my first eBook is done. I took me about 1.5 weeks to write a little over 5,000 words. I did this on top of my regular workload and while I was vacationing in California with my friends from college.

What do I hope to get out of this eBook?

Well, I wanted to be able to say I have finished an eBook. I think it’s important to write for yourself when you live and work as a writer. I can just feel the accomplishment already. 🙂

I also plan on writing more eBooks. This first one was kind of a test to see how I did with it. I wanted to make sure it was something I wanted to branch out into and spend time on.

What’s the eBook about?

The eBook is basically about my journey into debt and how we plan to get out of it…

I do not want to spend the rest of my life always writing for other people! I want to feel that freedom. It’s going to be a long road, I know, but I’m glad that God keeps blessing me with energy to keep doing so.You can actually visit the Facebook page I created for it, so you can stay up to date on when the copy will finally be released. Just visit One Mom’s Memoir: The Truth Behind Debt & Student Loans-eBook. It’s not letting me link to it. So just copy and paste that into your search bar on Facebook!

Thanks for reading and following, it’s been a pleasure 🙂

Jesus– Our Provider

30 Jun

Too many times I have worried over and over again about money. Not that we are poor by any means, but I just worry. It kind of stinks to always worry, even when God says not too. I have been working a lot on my attitude towards tithing. Especially since we are trying to pay off debt and stay out of it. I kept thinking that money could go towards paying off a bill or something. I didn’t grow up tithing and I’ve never known it’s full blessing, until I was an adult. I do not know if I am the only one who wants to admit it or not, but I am kind of selfish when it comes to money.

How is tithing helping my family?

Well, because we live on such a tight budget, especially with paying off debt. Tithing is a true test of faith for us. When we are writing that check, I know that we could be paying off extra debt with it. But my attitude is so wrong and I hate that. Tithing is helping my family be completely reliant on HIM.


I think we expect God to bless us right away, like as soon as that check is put into offering plate, we expect 10,000 more dollars to hop out. God’s promises are true and when we wait for them, they truly do come. It does not mean you won’t be impatient or anxious, but those are learning moments. Of course, God does not say you will be blessed with money either. Maybe you will be blessed through friendship, community, or wisdom.

Importance of Tithing

I often am so ‘taken back’ by pastors because of their servant hood. People who work in the church go there every week not really knowing if they will get their pay. Most of the time they do, but these ministers rely on God’s people to give like they are supposed to. How awesome is that?

So, this was the original post for tithing I was talking about the other day.. 🙂



29 Jun

Ugh! I just had a really awesome post on tithing…but of course it disappears. Basically, I was trying to say that God is really working on my heart when it comes to tithing. I also wanted to say thank you to a God who blesses and provides, even when I doubt, over and over again! Praise the Lord.

Instead of running my mouth about tithing, I will just post some scripture 🙂

2 Chr 31:5

q The Israelites generously gave the firstfruits of their grain, new wine, oil and honey and all that the fields produced. They brought a great amount, a tithe of everything.

Malachi 3:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

2 Corinthians 9:7-

Let each one do just as he has resolved in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Do you see that God is not angerly telling us to tithe, like the government demands us to pay taxes. Tithing is an act of worship. God does not need our money. The amount of money you choose to give is between you and God.

Am I Becoming an Internet Marketer?

29 Jun

Okay, so I have gone a little mad or something because I have started branching out into Internet Marketing. I pay attention to what my clients do and they teach me a lot, so I think it’s time I start doing a little money making of my own on the side. My son starts preschool in the fall and I would like to be able to pay for his preschool with my passive income. I think it would be a great achievement. I know it will not happen overnight, but here are a few things I am doing to try and make that extra income. At this time I make around $500 a week, so I want to increase that by $50 a week in passive income.

-I started writing my own eBook. I’m about 800 words shy of my goal of 5,000 words. Design By Miranda is in the process of creating my eBook cover and I will get it formatted after I have it edited a final time. Sounds crazy that I’m doing this.

-Also, I am trying to understand InfoLinks and Google Adsense. I do not make a lot of money from people visiting my site I’m sure, but every little bit would count. I also would not mind getting into affiliate marketing and such.

I’m learning as I go, so this is all kind of new to me. I’m also hanging out at a lot of the forums so that I can get a better feel for what’s going on in the marketing world.

There you have it…

Till Next Time..