Jesus– Our Provider

30 Jun

Too many times I have worried over and over again about money. Not that we are poor by any means, but I just worry. It kind of stinks to always worry, even when God says not too. I have been working a lot on my attitude towards tithing. Especially since we are trying to pay off debt and stay out of it. I kept thinking that money could go towards paying off a bill or something. I didn’t grow up tithing and I’ve never known it’s full blessing, until I was an adult. I do not know if I am the only one who wants to admit it or not, but I am kind of selfish when it comes to money.

How is tithing helping my family?

Well, because we live on such a tight budget, especially with paying off debt. Tithing is a true test of faith for us. When we are writing that check, I know that we could be paying off extra debt with it. But my attitude is so wrong and I hate that. Tithing is helping my family be completely reliant on HIM.


I think we expect God to bless us right away, like as soon as that check is put into offering plate, we expect 10,000 more dollars to hop out. God’s promises are true and when we wait for them, they truly do come. It does not mean you won’t be impatient or anxious, but those are learning moments. Of course, God does not say you will be blessed with money either. Maybe you will be blessed through friendship, community, or wisdom.

Importance of Tithing

I often am so ‘taken back’ by pastors because of their servant hood. People who work in the church go there every week not really knowing if they will get their pay. Most of the time they do, but these ministers rely on God’s people to give like they are supposed to. How awesome is that?

So, this was the original post for tithing I was talking about the other day.. 🙂


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