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Dear Client: What can I offer you?

4 Jul

What I can offer you…

There are probably around 1 million writers in the world and I am just a small percentage of that 1 million. Honestly, I have no clue how many writers there are, but I do know what I am and what I am capable of doing. This is my 18 month of actual freelance writing, but I have been on the scene of writing much longer. What started out as a way for me to stay home with my children has turned into a lifelong career!  I am so thrilled to give you several reasons as to why you should choose me as your writer.

Full Time Writer

I do this full time. That means I work from the comfort of my own home and I am dedicated to my clients. Most of my clients I have been working with for close to one year. I build long term relationships with my clients and they trust me with what I have to offer them.

I am the writer.

A lot of times when you are looking for a writer, you get someone that says “I have a team full of writers…” That bothers me because when you hire a writer, you want to know that they are doing the work. Most of my clients will tell you straight to your face that is what bothers them most about writers. I aim to please my clients and that will always be my number one goal. Of course, I know that I can’t please everyone I work with and for!


I started out writing for a few websites, but now I have my own business. Everything that I have learned has been from experience and not from some class. I have a degree, but writing well comes from experience and pounding of the keyboard. I will never agree that a degree trumps experience. I have both and I think that makes me an even better writer.

Positive Outlook

I believe in God and that he has a plan for my life. My outlook on life is not meek and I consider myself a very strong person. I’m not perfect by any means, but I am positive. I’m a family person and my family will always be the light of my life. They are the reason I am so motivated to be the best writer I can be.

So, if you like what you read then maybe I am the writer for you. A lot of people ask me what I am good at but the reality is that I have done it all. If I have not done it, then I am always willing to learn and branch out.

Feel free to browse around my site, get to know me and contact me if I can be of any help to you.