To a dear friend…

27 Mar

Dear Long Lost Friend–

This seems so immature to be writing this right now, but I don’t know how else to describe how I feel. There was a time when we were best friends. You helped me through my first pregnancy and taught me so much. Every week you watched my son and were just the most amazing friend anyone could of asked for. I remember that you got so mad at me when I didn’t want to go out to eat/drink one night and we just stopped talking.

If I could say one thing to you it would be that I’m sorry. I’m not sure what I did to hurt you so badly, but I’m not sure you know how good of a friend you were to me. We used to joke that we would never let that happen to us. Now you are pregnant with your own precious child and I just long for our friendship to be whole again. I want to be that person that is there for you like you were there for me.

I’m not sure our friendship will ever be where it used to be, but I’ll tell you it can never be replaced. I think we both took for granted what we used to have as friends. No matter what happens, I’ll always be that friend you can call on when there is no one else. I’ll be that person that you can call when your baby won’t sleep at night or when he isn’t eating correctly.

I’ll be that person that gives you diaper money or watches your kid late at night. I’ll be that person that teaches you how to make money at home because you don’t want to leave that precious sleeping baby. I’ll be that person that you can call to ask parenting questions from your baby not pooping to him pooping all over the walls. I’ll be that person that holds your hand through it all.

Even if you don’t want me back in your life like I used to. I hope you’ll hold me in your memories.

I can’t even believe how much I miss our friendship and how these tears are just flowing. You’ll probably never even read this. But if you do..know how much I miss you and love that baby of yours already!




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