thank you

23 Mar

thank you

Thank you to my clients

I just wanted to so a shout out to my clients. I know it’s easy to complain or whatever about the people we work with, but I have to say I am truly blessed. I do not say this in an “uppity way” or in a suck up way, but I truly am thankful for the people I work with. I rely on you to feed my family and make sure my bills are paid. You rely on me to write original, well written and specific articles. I love writing and it’s what I’ve chosen to do to stay home with my family. There are some of you out there who hate my writing and I’m okay with that, but there are hand-select-few of you who love my writing and I appreciate that.

Why do I appreciate my clients so much?

My current clients understand me. What I mean is that they know I work from home and have two little ones and I appreciate that so much. They know that my life is hectic, but that doesn’t keep them from sending me work. I appreciate my clients because they are able to tell me exactly what they want. I appreciate the working relationship I have with each and every one of you.

You may never read this but I’m still highly grateful. As long as I work for you, I promise to give you GREAT content for you. I’m glad we can continue to build a wonderful working relationship.

Thanks again.

Jess Weaver


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